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    The growing demand for consumer electronics is a worldwide phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing down. However, this growth is mirrored by a need to dispose of this equipment when it reaches the end of its useful life. Some countries are better able to deal with this discarded equipment and to minimize the potentially harmful environmental impacts, through legislation and regulation. Currently, Saudi Arabia recognizes this and is party to the Basel Convention to control illegal and uncontrolled movements of wastes internationally to reduce bad practices and impact on the environment.

    Tadweer, Saker Al Jazirah and Rotoub recognized this need in the market and in 2012 formed the Joint Venture, Holoul Electronic Recycling Treatment Company. Holoul will meet this need for Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. The products from the processes will be returned into the marketplace in an environmentally sustainable way. Holoul is strategically located to service the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a presence in major cities and is the first of its kind in the Kingdom, providing an environmentally sustainable solution for the ever growing problem of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

  • Vision and Mission



    To be the premier E-Waste recycling company in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region.

    To play a key role in the socio-economic transformation of E-Waste management through our best practices and providing environmentally sustainable solutions.


    To provide economic development opportunities through the reuse of recovered materials from E-Waste.

    We are committed to continually innovating and improving our business and processes professionally, ethically and safely to satisfy our customers and shareholders. We pride ourselves in operating to international standards using the latest technology and best practices, whilst ensuring secure data destruction in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.


  • Value Proposition


    In a vertically integrated environment, Holoul applies state of the art recycling technology managed by a team of industry specific experts. The state of the art equipment operated by the trained staff will ensure that the products and materials produced maximize value and minimize waste, saving natural resources.

  • What Differentiates Holoul


    • Using best available technology & practices
    • Custom-built automatic plant
    • Ability to track, report and audit materials throughout the recycling process
    • Support and commitment of its shareholders
    • Strong management team including WEEE industry experts with more than 15 years’ experience
    • Our Secure Mobile Data Destruction service is unique to the Kingdom
    • Scale of operations
    • Commitment to quality and international standards, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and R2: 2013

  • Innovation


    Holoul prides itself as the Middle East industry leader in state of the art technological advancements within E-Waste recycling. Holoul is dedicated to advancing these technologies in each of its facilities across Saudi Arabia.

    Holoul has an innovation strategy that is aligned with not only its core mission and values, but also with future technology, supplier and manufacturing strategies. Holoul intends to maintain a sustainable advantage by providing education and training systems designed to equip its staff with the foundations to learn and develop the broad range of skills needed for innovation in all of its forms with the flexibility to upgrade skills and adapt to market conditions.

  • Transparency


    Holoul tracks all E-Waste entering its facilities through a tracking system capable of locating E-Waste at all stages, from receiving reports, to reconciliation reports, to downstream vendors. This assures that all E-Waste received by Holoul is 100% recycled and traceable.

    Certificates of Recycling & Recovery or Data Destruction can be issued on all E-Waste recycled by Holoul. These certificates validate to clients that their E-Waste, having been received by Holoul is being recycled ethically and in an environmentally sustainable way.

    For our Mobile Data Destruction service video verification of the data containing media destruction is offered to clients along with certification. This provides additional assurance to clients that their confidential or proprietary information has been 100% destroyed.

  • Our Commitment to the Environment


    In recent years there has been increasing concern about the growing volume of end-of-life electronics globally and the fact that much of it is consigned to landfill without any attempt being made to recycle the materials it contains.

    Holoul will meet this challenge in its commitment to the protection of the environment by integrating environmental compliance into every aspect of our business.

  • Values


    WE BELIEVE in being truly green – We are always striving to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We vigilantly seek new solutions and the most innovative ways to reclaim our resources.

    WE BELIEVE that today’s companies must embrace a triple bottom line. There is no room for a modern business to be anything but socially and environmentally responsible. This new generation of business knows that there is a value in social good that is comparable to monetary value, and is equipped to tackle large problems with efficiency and professionalism.

  • Our Services

    Why Use Our Recycling Services

    With the number of electronic devices in circulation growing at a rapid rate, hackers and data thefts are increasingly targeting improperly disposed of hardware. Shredding E-Waste guarantees complete data destruction and  most importantly, your security.

    Holoul takes data protection seriously. In addition to the shredding process, Holoul operates surveillance cameras, metal detectors and third party security at all Holoul facilities, ensuring your device or data never leave a Holoul facility unprocessed. For companies and government organizations that require additional peace of mind, Holoul offers secure on-site shredding at your location.

  • Our Services

    E-waste & IT Assets Recycling

    When Holoul receives your E-Waste several steps are taken to ensure that it is disposed of properly. Holoul adopt a three step process:

    • Segregation the E-Waste is sorted by category
    • Separation:  any hazardous items, such as batteries,  and mercury vapour tubes are removed
    • Shredding:  Holoul has a fully automated process specifically designed for E-Waste and is one of the most sophisticated in the MENA region. The process liberates and separates the E-Waste into raw commodities, such as metal and plastics, which are sent to downstream partners. This ensures that 100% of your device is recycled and never ends up in a landfill.

    Holoul’s shredding process was designed with our partner, an industry leading specialist and manufacturer of E-Waste recycling equipment to reflect our commitment to protecting the health of the environment and our co-workers. Our process features a built-in air filtration system that guarantees the shredding process is safe for the surrounding community, co workers and the environment. Want to know more?

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  • Our Services

    Mobile Secure Data Destruction

    Data security is a primary concern of IT departments, government agencies and consumers when deciding what to do with obsolete Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE).

    Shredding documents containing sensitive information has been common practice in data security for decades but, as society moves to a more digitized existence both in and out of the office, isn’t it time the same safety precautions and protections were extended to electronic devices?

    Just think, just 1 gb of data, the equivalent of 675,000 pages of information can be stored, rendering it little surprise that an increasing number of organizations and businesses are mandating data containing media devices be shredded.

    This is why Holoul offer a mobile service for secure data destruction, with this service
    you can be 100% assured that the device never leaves your site before it is securely and comprehensively destroyed. The market for this service is particularly attractive to corporations and government departments that hold sensitive information in their mass storage devices.

    • We will come to you, with a fully equipped and secure vehicle
    • We provide an area on board the vehicle for you to witness each step of the data destruction
    • Holoul has a fully trained team who specialise in Hard Drive, IT and Electrical Equipment Shredding/Destruction
    • We physically destroy hard drives & tapes to guarantee no recovery of data
    • We offer a choice of shred sizes
    • The entire process is recorded by CCTV in multiple positions in and around the vehicle. Digital recording of the complete process can be provided.
    • You will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction for each item which records all the details of the process and media destroyed.
  • How does this service work?

    •  Contact Holoul and we will have one of our experts evaluate your E-Waste needs and give you a quote
    • Holoul will then come to you with a secure and fully equipped vehicle equipped with a state of the art mobile shredder
    • Our trained technicians will wipe the data from your hard drive using a  degausser and then physically destroy hard drives & tapes using the shredder so that there is no chance of data recovery
    • We provide an area on board the vehicle for you to witness each step of the data destruction process. The entire process is also recorded by CCTV in multiple positions in and around the vehicle. A digital recording of the complete process can be provided
    • At the completion of the process you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction for each item which records all the details of the process and media destroyed.

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    Items That Can Be Processed Using Mobile Secure Data Destruction:

    • Phones
    • Hard Disk Drives
    • Solid state drives
    • Tapes
    • Flash Memory
    • DVDs & CDs
    • Other items can be discussed
  • Our Services

    Product Disposal

    We at Holoul understand the main principles of building a successful brand and that the value of a brand can be significantly affected by public perception. Managing a brand to protect its value can, at times, extend to the disposal of products and stock to prevent devaluing the brand in question. We realize it is almost inevitable that there will be some product produced that is either surplus to requirements, substandard or has a short shelf life.

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    Holoul recognise this and offer a disposal route that is discrete and maintains the integrity and value of the brand. Our services include a commitment to provide an environmentally efficient and cost effective solution for the disposal of stock and complete brand integrity.

  • Our Services

    Packaging and Transportation

    For commerical clients we can provide a range of packaging and containers with our collection service from small bins, cages and stillage’s up to large bulk loader bins.

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  • Our Services

    What Do We Recycle

    E-Waste is anything with a power cord or battery and Holoul will collect and recycle any combinations of the following:



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Holoul is poised to grow by leaps and bounds and the company is always looking for talented, green-minded individuals to help fuel sustainable growth in the growing E-Waste sector. Come join Holoul in its pursuit of environmentally safe, socially responsible growth.


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    P.O Box 430
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